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Power Swift Mobile has partnered with Payvantage and Acima to bring you awesome financing options. Financing is available for all of our devices. Get the device you want without paying for it all upfront. Get easy access to whatever you need easily. With these options, you do not need credit to finance your device. There is also a 90 day purchase option where you can buy it outright before 90 days. It is also free to apply and see what you qualify for. Apply today!


Payvantage requires an initial payment depending on the amount of the loan and your payment frequency. This goes towards the payment of the device. 


Financing through Payvantage requires us to install MDM lock on the device. Most of your data would be transferred by signing into your iCloud account. Apps will not automatically transferred over. 

Pay it off within 90 days and it would be the same as cash except a $10 fee that’s included in the initial payment. Over 90 days it would start accruing interest charges. 

Acima - In Store Only Purchases Only

Acima requires a $60 initial payment, this fee does not go towards the payment of the device. 90 days to purchase the device without any additional interest. If over 90 days interest would start accruing.